geeks in Tampa, Florida - Will not supply O/S disc with refurb computer

Purchased refurb Dell desktop had 3 month warranty. It crashed one week after warranty period.

They did not send a copy of the operating system on disc it supposedly was on the utility partition of the hard drive. When the computer crashed I tried to use the recovery console but the disc partition was blank. I called and asked for a copy of the Operating system their response was only " we are not responsible contact Dell" I contacted dell and they try to sell me an Operating System.

So I am left with a $170.00 paperweight. I will never purchase from again.


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Im assuming that you turned off the PC, then after pushing the start button you held the control key and tapped the F-12 key untill you saw the recovery screen.

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They advertised it as "refurbished" LCD 47" monitor. I bought it used it about 10 hours and it went kaput. Cost as much to repair it as it did from GEEKS. No way was this unit ever refurbished by a qualified technician. Called them up and they said it was over 90 days (actually was 115) and they would not tell me what "shop" refurbished this unit.

They probably bought it an auction from some jobber and the thing had been hanging in an airport or some other venue and operated 24 hours a day for the last year or so.


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geeks in Saint Louis, Missouri - Sold me a piece of junk!

Geeks sold me a "refurbished" lcd monitor which failed after about 10 hours of service unfortunately for me it was over their 90 day warranty. The cost to repair was more than the the original cost of the item.

It was a piece of junk and I think probably never "refurbished" by any qualified technician.

When I contacted them and asked for proof of "refurbishment" they said it was an "OUTSIDE" shop and their vendor information was private and their was nothing they would do about it.

My tough luck and it will be yours as well if you buy any of their "refurbished" junk.




Thanks I tried that and Westinghouse all but laughed at me.

Edmonton, England, United Kingdom #176964

You might still have a chance. Goto the manufacturers website and plub in the serial number. The hardware may still be under a manufacturer warranty.

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geeks in Fort Smith, Arkansas - Refurbashed CD Players

I bought two Refurbished CD Players. Both don't work. Geeks will not acknowledge my complaints.

Don't buy from Geeks, they will rip you off.

The brand name is Philco, they are wothhless junk and I was charged a fortune for shipping and handling. I will never buy anything from Geeks again, I got burned. Save your money and shop elsewhere. The serial numbers has been scratched off. Neither one will play a CD.

They have to know they don't work, they are unloading pure junk.

I bought a flash drive also, it is cheap junk and is slow.


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I just orderd and it is supposed to come tomarrow 2/7/12

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geeks in Willimantic, Connecticut - Geek's Choice promised, but could not delive

My small business wanted to expand on our computer system. We called Geek's Choice for an estimate along with a few other companies.

They came out and that encounter was very impressive. We decided what we needed to expand on our system, add a new computer, fax/copier/ and have it also connected to our back room system. Sounded like it was going to be a breeze. We hired them and gave them a deposit on the new equipment.

When the day came to install it, the tech they sent out had very little knowledge of what he was doing. He wasted time and only did a fraction of the job. He also broke a part of our computer and denied breaking it. When he left, we could not use our system as promised, we need the computer set up to do business.

When we called to complain and only asked that the work order be finished, we were met with the manager ignoring our calls, then denial of our complaints. When it came time to hire a "real computer technician", we paid out of pocket for work that they should have done.

They refused to reimburse us and it was a real disappointment. I would never recommend Geek's Choice to anyone



Sherman, Texas, United States #701666

geeks choice in Not I got good products and service from

Geek Choice is a horrible company!! I worked for them was able to resolve a virus problem on a client's PC, however they never paid me for my services!!

Do not ever work for Geek Choice or use their services they are horrible people!!

Especially that phony *** Matthew Mackey!!! :?
Geek Choice is a horrible company!! I worked for them was able to resolve a virus problem on a client's PC, however they never paid me for my services!!

Do not ever work for Geek Choice or use their services they are horrible people!!

Especially that phony *** Matthew Mackey!!! :?
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geeks in Charlotte, North Carolina - The product was not what was descrided on the site listed merchandise on their wesite as having certain features and specs. I receive the item only to find the specs are not accurate the item is far less than what I bought.

After 2 hrs on the phone they agreed to take the item back. I foot the bill for shipping both ways they take a 15% restocking fee, and three weeks later my card has not been credited. They say they have not finished processing the return. This is unexceptable.

I have never had this problem before and I order a lot online.

This is the first and last time that I shop i suggest you stay away too!

mark z grigg
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I purchased a Polaroid izone digital camera 3 months ago from It did not come with a power cord nor did it charge/work off the USB connect.

Customer service (Shaun) told me they would send the power cord, but never did. I have sent numerous emails and made a few phone calls to try to resolve the problem. They just keep you on hold and bounce you from person to person and this is not an 800 number! I just want to exchange the camera for one that is complete and works.

Is that asking too much??


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I had the same problem with an RCA mp3 player. Most of their staff seems to be illegal aliens.

I was promised a lot, never received the return player, although they assured me there were others in stock.

I have used since 1999. I will NEVER use them again!

Review #112640 is a subjective opinion of poster. need Q.C. personnel-products suck

1 mistake is o.k. but every order I do with them is another defective, doa or mispackaged unit.

examples ordered "refurbished" computer that would not boot.... who was the person that refurbished a dead computer? ordered a 356 celeron got a 355. I can read numbers can't they?

"open box" video card was opened and returned for a reason, why was it not tested before they sent me a dead video card?

should I go on..The company has no quality control people or this would not be happening...I will buy from from tiger direct and newegg from now on.



Drexel, North Carolina, United States #5933

Have to admit, I'm a little afraid to ask the question considering the tone of the responses I've read but here goes!

My retired mother has a T2862 emachine that she uses solely for the purpose of email and solitare. I generally update the Anti-Virus/Spyware/Pop-up Blocker software, vacuum the dust, clean her temp files etc. when I visit.

The emachine shut down and will not power back up. I switched the power supply, changed the battery and it still does not power up. Again, the use of this computer is email only, nothing that in my limited IT knowledge would jeopardize the motherboard or the harddrive.

Tech Support said there was nothing they could do when I called them other than advise me to buy a new emachine, they're low cost and would probably be less expensive than taking the existing machine in and having it repaired.

The existing emachine is two years old. If it can't handle email after two years, I'm not sure why anyone would buy another one.

If there are any suggestions on what else I can do prior to shopping for a new Dell, HP, Compaq, etc I would really appreciate any assistance at this point.

Thank you,

Queensbury, New York, United States #5578

There is no such thing as a 355/356 celeron chip you get 333,350,366 or 400............mmmmmkay?

Review #112405 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer112405. ripoff BUYER BEWARE--THEY SHIP DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS AND DO NOT BACK THEIR WARRANTY. shipped defective memory to me. Customer service said they would call back, but never did.

I then sent an email, and they replied with an automatic email saying they had received my email; however, they never replied to my complaint. When I called back to follow up, they told me that I was now past the 30 day warranty. They said that I had never tried to contact them, even though I have their email acknowledging my email to them.

I'm only out $20 for the 256MB piece of junk, but still: I'M PISSED!


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Ordered a refurbished PC. Arrived DOA.

Not only defective, also not as advertised. Got an RMA, returned it, shipped out the next day. agrees it's a kosher return. My complaint?

I have to eat the return shipping ($22.) because they don't pay for shipping back to them, even when it's clearly a bad product! Buyer's just not worth losing money and all the time and hassle dealing with their one-sided fine-print.

Palmyra, Virginia
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Contact geeks Customer Service

Mailing Address:
1890 Ord Way Oceanside
CA , 92056
All geeks Contacts Sent bad Maxtor 500gb hard drive

I recently purchased two Maxtor 6H500F0 hard drives from, one arriving completely unreadable. It gives a constant, loud clicking sound.

I have sent numerous emails requesting an RMA. No response has ever been received.

Went to Seagate-Maxtor web site and they don't have the serial number on file. I downloaded the maxtor diagnostic utility and tried it on the disk. Although it recognized the drive, the program just kept sending constant error messages and later froze. It works fine on the other disk.

Called and they always say a tech-rep will contact me but never does.

They may have shafted me out of my 100 dollars but they lost any future business from me.




Their customer service is horrible, its true that all they have is junk. Their system is setup in a way so that you can't return anything of they junk you buy from them. Save yourself the money and headache, don't ever buy from computer

Necedah, Wisconsin, United States #18468

HM080GC -- Samsung HM080GC 80GB UDMA/100 5400RPM 8MB 2.5 NB HDD 1 $59.99 $59.99

I bought this from, and when it arrived, " It gives a constant, loud clicking sound" as one other person here said regarding a hard drive that he bought from them. I've e-mailed them numerous times, but they have not responded.


same issues i had too. maxtor is garbage!!!

i lost so much stuff. 4 harddrives.

2 dead on arrival, 1 dead in 7 days, the other dead in 3 months. never ever buy their products.

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